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My games have stopped playing completely out of the blue 8 hours ago with no explination. researching the error messages brought me to the conclusion that my video drivers had been disabled. DDA D3D and AGP texture accelerators are all listed as disabled when i pulled up DXDIAG.exe, despite setting indications across my computer to the contrary. I tried to follow system help and internet solutions to fix the problem, but they keep asking for option paths that my computer does not have. Many say that DXDIAG is supposed to have a DXFunction window under the display tab that will allow me to enable the drivers. it isn't there. Is there an update or older version i could download to fix this?

anything that might help will be appreciated.
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  1. Well if you could tell us all what the error message was. then give us your system specs so we do a little research to help you out.
  2. Reinstall DX.
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