New battery not charging

my new battery is not charging. I was told to reset the bios. no ideaa how. satellite L25
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  1. Access the BIOS screens, perhaps by pressing Del (delete) key as the computer first starts. No joy ? Consult laptop's manual -- or just depress several keys as the computer first starts -- should throw up error message including option to go into BIOS.

    Look in BIOS screen to do with power management, I'd guess.
  2. Battery life depends on type of battery such as Nikel type and Lithium ion. And it's life is also affected since production time.

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  3. I would assume that your battery will not charge when the laptop off, If that is the case then I would suspect either the Battery (I know it's new, but it happens), or the wall brick.

    I dought reseting the bios would have any effect, but you can try.

    If the brick powers the laptop, but will not charge the battery when Laptop is off I would pick the battery as the problem. This is not a given as the brick may be failing and can supply enough power for the laptop, but not enough to charge a depleted battery.

    With the laptop off and pluged in does the charge lite come on or does it indicate the battery is charged when infact it is not.

    To isolate you would (1) try a different charger or (2) try a different battery.
    Laptop batteries not only contain the battery cells but also a monitoring circuit.
    Your New battery could have a defective cell or the monitoring circuit could have failed.
  4. i guess some detail needs to be given. the computr shows the battery percentage and charging. However the battery does not charge. I have bought two batteries, neither of which will charge. I'm thinking its not the batteries any more. I have no manual and the reset I have run across is to reset the bios. Anything else i'm all eyes and appreciate the help.
  5. First a couple of questions:
    (1) What percentage of charge does the computer show after say 2 Hours charge, with computer off.
    (2) Will the computer power on with just battery power.
    (3) do you have a 2nd charger.
    (4) do your batteries have a self test. My old compaq batteries had a test Button (not really a protruding button you could depress (Used finger nail) and had 4 led lites that indicated charge state (Not all batteries have this)

    Some comments.
    (1) If the Batteries will at least power on with just the battery, power on, stop boot process ie Hit F8 and select dos prompt, or if possible just let it sit waiting for a response. Run battery down untill the computer turns off. then try recharging the battery. I had a battery that would not charge, and this corrected the problem.

    (2) get a 2nd charger to try - a little costly, but will rule out charger. Added. On charger - need same Eout (ie 19 Volts) at same current (ie 3.95Amps). Now the tricky on the Plug at the end must have the same polirity ( the metal shaft - negative, and the inside hole + Fairly standard BUT not gaurrentied). Comments inside () are for my toshibia. use e-tailer not Bestbuy as Bestbuy charges an arm and leg.

    (3) can you boot to Bios, Usually a Function key, or the delete key right after hitting the power on button. In bios look for either Optimized settings, or fail safe settings and select, save, reboot. And try.
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