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i just ordered a nividea 5800 sheerly for the ridiculacy low cost, anways i'v heared that it's had compatibly issues with dx9 and lots of other problems, i could go on forever, anyways.... what can i expect from the card will it be compaticle for future games........????, i'm an ati freak but when a deal like this bites you in the *** it can't be ignored, anyways thanks for your help

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  1. There are plenty of reviews around. Though I don't know why you bought it, since it sounds like you hate it already.
  2. There is nothing bad about it. Technically it doesnt support DirectX 9 and I heard something about hl2 not being able to run on it but i believe thats a bunch of crap. Maybe it can't run the game in DX 9 mode but it does support all functions of DX 8.

    I believe another poster put something about it when someone asked if it really supported DX 9 (It was about graphics and I forget the poster.) Find him and you'll find your answer, well I assume that any way. He's probably a lot more knowladgable (especially the way I spelt that,) than me about it.

    Oh yea I take the nothing bad about it part back. Its an oversized toaster oven that draws more power than a microwave. I'm sure if you take the heatsink off of it you can fry some bacon. Lets face it, the 5800 had some problems but if you dont mind loud noises and want a space heater in your room then you got what your asking for. I never heard of many problems with the drivers and what not so you should be safe there if all you are looking for is compatability and now i forget what your original post was about. Hope that helps.

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  3. So what was the super low price you paid?
  4. the problem is not playing the game...it is playing it with AA and/or AF enabled...nvidia took some shortcuts with the image sampling and it will run into problems....like nvidia says...their cards are built for the fututre...hell ya!

    I have heard that it is hardware and not a driver issue...but i think nvidia can conjure something up...such as not letting you enable AA or AF in all direct X 9 games...rofl

    If i put my k6 in a Ferrari it would be faster than your your pentium 4 or Athlon XP :tongue:
  5. The 5800 will run future games fine.

    I have heard rumors of the 5800 being sold for $10 more than the 5600U, which is incredible considering it has about twice the GPU power. It would be a great deal if there wasn't the 9700/9700P.

    I also read somewhere that AA in HL2 was fixed on the GFFX cards.
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