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So I was wondering, what which of the three Video Interfaces is better for gaming and what is the difference between them ?
Image Quality Wise, I read that DVI and HDMI can both deliver full 1080p HD resolution, but that DVI only carries the RGB colorspace, and that HDMI carries the YUV colorspace aswell. What exacly does this mean, and will it be clearly vissible when gaming ?
Other thing is, are there in difference in terms of response time, refresh rate etc. cause of course you would like both a sharp pretty image but also a fast responding screen.
so, difference between the three video interfaces and the above points and maybe pros and cons.

thank you for reading
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    DVI and HDMI are basically the same exact thing. The only difference between the two is what you mentioned above and the connector. The refresh rate is controlled by other factors in the monitor/TV. On my current desktop I have a 23" monitor hooked up via DVI and an HDTV connected to it with HDMI. To me there is no difference what so ever. So, you can go either way there. The current "top of the line" technology is Display Port, which tends to offer a bit sharper image due to increased bandwith. The only trouble is that such monitors tend to be expensive and you'd need a video card with a DP output, i.e. an ATI HD 5xxx series.
  2. thats all I needed to know, thanks :)
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