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my Win 7 laptop is starting up and then going to a black screen with movable cursor. When I hard reboot it, I am brought to a screen recommending that I restore it. This happens every time I switch on and sometimes when the laptop goes to idle. Please help!

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  1. I had an old HP laptop do that and it turned out to be the motherboard.
  2. Kenny,

    Try booting into safe mode first by pressing the F8 key after turning on your PC. You will see advanced boot options for safemode, safemode with networking etc...

    If you can get into safemode and you see more than a black screen then it could just mean there is an issue with the startup sequence, or bad driver/windows update installed.

    We will need to know if you are successful in booting into safemode to continue support.

  3. Thanks for the replies guy's,

    Ok, I can get the laptop to work normally but just not first time. First I must switch it off again whilst on the black screen by holding the 'power button' in, and then switch it back on, and let the reset run it's course. After this it works just fine :/ Just confused as to why it doesn't work first time and a little worried that this problem may get worse :sweat:

    Thanks again,
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