Ace aspire 5532 mobo and processor upgrade

I have a acer aspire 5532 laptop and I am having a hard time running graffical pages on facebook,and it is running at 100% when on these pages. it has a AMD Athlon64 processor and a ATI Radeon HD3200 Graffics card. 3 gb memory. What could it be. Do I need a better CPU?
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  1. Save for adding a 7200rpm hard drive, there really isn't much you can do in terms of hardware upgrades. It is a royal PITA to replace a motherboard, processor, etc... in a laptop. Your best bet is to save up and just buy a new laptop. In the meantime, you can restore it back to factory condition, i.e. get rid of all the "junk" on it. That should speed it up.
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