ATI Radeon Mobility HD5870 vs Nvidia GeForce GTS 360M

Which is better? The Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q880 (18.4") with the Nvidia card, or the Asus G73JH (17.3") with the Ati card...
Consider the price difference, as well as the performance.
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  1. wow why has no one replied...

    when will ati and nvidia be the Newby with the true benchmarks?

    Come on and give me some samples YOU BIG GPU CHIP MAKERS
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    Asus without a doubt 5870 is fastest single mobile card, performs between 5750 and 5770 desktop card (800shaders 700mhz clock). Only sli\cf configurations of mobile cards beat it.

    360m is just a respin if 260m which is like a gt240 desktop card (96 unified pipelines, undisclosed Clock speeds)

    I know which I would rather have in my desktop, 5750/70 way beats gt240 any day of the week.

    Also Asus beat Toshiba in the reliability index but both were top 5 so both good.,9720.html?xtmc=reliability&xtcr=1

    Only thing i like is the toshibas SSD option, but leaving that out of the asus makes it cheaper.
  3. the gtx 280m is the fastest mobile gpu and the ati 5870m stand very close to it...

    the gts 360 is just above the ati 5850m and so is a very good purchase.. you should get the performance of a gt 240 desktop edition with the gts 360m
  4. No warlord, 5870m is faster than 280m, up to 25% faster indeed, look at links provided in first post, compare benches of 5870 and 280m.

    5870 is only single mobile gpu at 19xx resolution I would buy right as it will play at that resolution for a while to come.

    Only sli beats it, and I do not see 360 aka gts240 playing 19xx well or for long!
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I will go with the Asus.
  6. warlord1609 said:
    the gtx 280m is the fastest mobile gpu and the ati 5870m stand very close to it...

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