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Hello, I have a new flat screen TV with the red, yellow, white connectors (one set) on the back of the set. I have a DVD and a Roku. It's a hassle turning the TV around, unhooking, hooking up the other device, etc. Also, the headphone jack is in the back (on the side - difficult to reach). Are there external ports, jacks (whatever they are called) so that I could a. plug everything in or b. have easier access to just one set of connectors. Thanks.
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  1. You need an av switcher. Google it and it will come. Should be cheap as the connections you need are not HD. Both your sources will connect to it and it to the TV.
    Your TV should have other inputs ie HDMI or component video that you should be able to use for either the DVD or Roku so you may be better off doing this.
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