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I've got a weird behavior of my laptop. When I'm using FAR Manager in Windows XP in runs like a key is stuck: when searching files using alt+key search windows appears for a split of a second only and disappear (aka ESC key pressed?). If I try to create file or a directory in the name input windows appears old name in gray as usual (to be removed by any alphabetic key) but it became solid and editable in few seconds again (aka END key pressed?). Of course, if there was ESC or END or other "known" key stuck behavior of FAR was other, so it is like of an "unknown" key stuck or something else. I've not realized something similar in other (GUI) application yet, but it is not FAR and even not Windows problem since I've tested in using Windows Live CD and CD's Far behavior is the same, so I think it is a hardware problem but I do not know how to localize it!

Please, help!!!
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  1. Test with an esternal keyboard -- if problem disappears it's probably the laptop keyboard, its ribbon cable or the connector. If you feel brave disassemble -- other wise hand it to a repair guy.
  2. Yeah, thank you, I supposed to do so, just I've not got own usb keyboard (my desctop uses PS/2 since I prefer so) but I'll be able to ask friend for it soon. Just I'm not sure if it is possible to turn off laptop's native keyboard at all in this case?
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