Which Screen is good for gaming?

Hello, i need some help on chossing a screen for gaming. This screen is going to be used for my PS3 my Comp and watching TV. I was looking at 2 monitors that suit my style but i dont know if there good enough for gaming.

LG 22 LED W2286L-PF


Samsung 23 LED Syncmaster XL2370

Screen needs to be under 365 Dollars

If you have any better suggestions write it down to me! :hello:
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  1. Out of the two, I'd go for the LG, as it seems to be a but quicker in terms of response time and refresh rate, which will come in handy when gaming.
  2. if you're willing to pay $365 bucks you should try to get something bigger. Just last week I saw on a deal for a 23 incher for about $180. Regardless of the response times, which are manipulated by the manufacturer to sell products. the screen size will better suite your TV and PS3 needs.
  3. Get the samsung because LG uses white LEDs which has a lower color spectrum than Samsung's LED Blu technology.

    Still CCFLs have the same if not better color spectrum than regular LEDs. You should try something 120hz or something with a cheaper price because LED has little advatange unless you want low power which is only a problem with huge displays.
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