A prob. with dell xps m1330

for some reason when i use on a battery it's all good but as soon as i plug in the supply it dramaticaly slows down to an imposible state to work with.
i tried re-installin win.
diffrent chrger.
no battery.
bios back to default.
none seem to work...

what do u guys think?

t9300, 8400gs, 4g kingston hyperx pc-5300, 250g 7200.16.

could it be the hard?
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  1. The next time you plug it in, go to power settings and see what plan it is on. Try adjusting it to high performance and see if that makes a difference.
  2. i didn't say i did, but obviously i did check it...
    and when i wrote imposible slow i ment there is no way to even open the explorer, takes like half an hour...

    what the fq could it be? i'm goin crazy here
  3. I've had power-related problems with my M1330 as well. Once this one kaputs, I'm going Thinkpad.

    Anyways, is your bios updated to the latest version? I'm thinking that if you've already reinstalled your OS, then the issue may be with your bios. Also, if that doesn't work, you might want to look into getting a 3rd-party program that can override power/motherboard settings manually (CPU clock, voltage, etc.)

    I forgot the name of the one I used, but I do know that these programs exist.
  4. i exchanged it more then 9!!! times...
    i hate this laptop...
    wanted a benz got a toyota instead...
    í'll try the newer bios v then (i downgraded to 14 for a reason i don't even remember & didn't even work, so i left it like that, but that problem is recent)

    thanks thou
  5. I used to use Notebook Hardware Control to control CPU speed as well as fan speed, but switched over to i8kfangui (which caters to Dell laptops) for my fans.

    It could be a problem with your video card somehow (source: ubuntuforums).
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