Interesting look on Opteron

<A HREF="" target="_new">in this here </A> article about dual processor computers, the Opteron scales very well


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  1. Quote:
    Dual p4-3.0/533 Mhz FSB (fastest dual p4 made)
    One job at a time 84.98 seconds
    Two jobs at a time 155.92 seconds
    Scaled 1.09 times.

    That doesn't make sense. It's like one processor doing all the work and the other one just sitting there. If that's true then there would be no reason to have dual processor systems. I'm no Intelliot and I believe the Opteron results are correct, but there's something going on with the dual Pentium 4 results. And it's not memory bandwidth because then the Hyper-Threading couldn't be faster.

    So either they are lying (again) or there's some software problem...
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