Need to buy 2 speaker with subwoffer surround for PC.

Can anyone recommend a set of PC surround sound speakers for around $40 or less that comes with 2 satellite speakers and subwoffer. It must be available at microcenter, and if possible, must be able to be mounted. Also the subwoffer must have a separate cable so i can use the special jack for it on my 5.1 card. Thanks for your help!!!
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  1. logitech z313

    goes for about $50 retail so its a bit more than your budget but i've personally heard this system and for the price its not bad at all. it comes with two satelites and a sub. not sure about a dedicated sub cable but for such a cheap system i wouldnt worry about it.

    for pc speakers under $40 retail you typically don't get very good quality sound or a subwoofer. you get what you pay for.
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