Asus A8JR - Worst notebook in history

It all happens in the IT Show Mar 2007, 3 mths before I ord from NS.

In need of a notebook portable while with a decent graphics card for basic gaming needs I went to the IT Show on search of a notebook that matches my requirements.

Came across 3 decent notebooks that fits my requirements at similar price of SGD2000 ( Asus, Acer, Toshiba Satelite), I was left to decide
which one seems to be the best pick. I finally picked Asus, a brand I am unheard of until the year 2006 when it provides desktop with excellent performance in the World of Warcraft Championship held in Singapore. Unknown to me, thus ridiculous notebook was to torment me well until March 2010, 3 yrs from when I bought it.

This A8JR was so popular in the March 2007 IT Show that it was sold out on the 2nd day of the Show and many ppl like me willingly wait for the next shipment of A8JR which was to be handed to me in mid April.

Since getting my hands on the brand new A8JR, I have been having minor errors where the ATI catalyst program always seems to have problems, not helped by the tech support in Singapore which is unable to solve it through phone.

2ndly, seems to me the exterior of A8JR is made of
inferior quality to the extent the aluminium top of the notebook (the back of the lcd screen) can get scratches out of nowhere where I had no recollection of the notebook dropping or damaged in any sense.
Furthermore, the aluminium pad surrounding the keyboard seems to be made really thin(or bad quality) pressing with one finger the aluminium seems like it was going to cave in(exaggerating on caving in, but it was obvious the material real bad).

Nonetheless, I worked with what I had and a decent 1st yr with the notebook.

The major problem comes in late April 2008, when I install and tried to play The Witcher game. I had no problems playing it smoothly earlier, but replaying this time comes to an end when the notebook auto switched off due to super high temp on its right where heat was emitted.
It was an intensive game which I do not play often so I carried on with my life with A8JR. However its heat problem was getting worse by the day and by June the notebook can get overheat with me running only a video + a internet browser.
Previously this machine is able to run 4 windows of 2nd online game + video + internet browser with no overheating experienced.
*Note I rarely worked my notebook to its limits and usually use it for documents, surf net and basic gaming.

Sent this A8JR for repairs and this made another horrible month for me in July 2008, where I juggled my internship and frequent visits to the service centre where they could claim my notebook was having no problems while they test it.
It took me 3 visits to finally 'persuade' the service centre to replace almost the whole of A8JR to return it to good working condition. By the time I had it back, it was more than one month, though I'm not complaining as long as its repaired. Note now I'm in 1yr 3mths of its 2yr warranty.

Tragedy strucks again in late April 2009 when the same problem occured for my notebook. Notice now it is out of warranty and with the service center refusing to repair for free, I have to work with this terrible machine all the way until I can afford another new desktop/notebook again.

Now this machine at March 2010 is so smart it was have its processors running with no instructions and noisely. It could overheat and auto shutoff when I am only surfing net.
Furthermore, the aluminium parts beside the touchpad now has uncountable burnt black dots from the overdose of overheating.

I'm sure notebook weren't gonna last forever and will have problems and glitches, but I didn't expect a global brand like Asus with their expertise and knowledge could come up with this unresponsible product and sell it to the mass public, without the slightest regard of the reputation they build up.

This product is a killer in trust and reputation.
Now being more familiar with hardware, with this bad experience I'm gonna refrain from products of hardware made by Asus and will recommend anyone I know of to skip this brand.
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  1. With referencing to Asus F6VE, which my brother is currently using, you could see that Asus has the capability to make excellent notebooks.
    Thus I question why it is allowing A8J series, a well known bad quality notebook series out to the market when it defects were pretty obvious and hurt its global reputation?
  2. Hello Jenome,

    Sorry to hear of your troubles with your laptop. I have come across every kind of laptop out there - and all of them had their fair share of problems.

    Dell - I used to have a dell laptop (inspiron) and after only about 1 year of solid use - mine started over-heating and the screen died. I tried re-applying thermal compound and cleaned it - to no avail! Not to mention the case was made of cheap and highly flexible plastic.

    Toshiba - I've worked with a satellite series laptop and the darn thing was awful - it had a desktop P4 3ghz inside it and the laptop only lasted about 1 year too. It would overheat on anything even remotely processor intensive (even video). No amount of cleaning or re-applying thermal compound helped at all. The LCD quality was quite - absymal too, the darn thing had a weird problem of flickering off then on every once in a while - seemingly at random times.

    EMachines - I knew a friend with a laptop, forgot what kind it was - but at the time had semi-decent parts in it for the price. THe only problem was that his HDD died after the first week - LOL. He brought it back to where he bought it from, got the HDD replaced after the technicians figured out what was wrong and the next week it died again. He promptly threw the laptop in the garbage and bought a different kind.
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