Newly built computer problems

I recently built my first computer with the following components:
-Maxtor diamondmax 9or 16 HD with 120 gb 8 mb buffer 133 ata
-2500 XP CPU
-MSI gf4ti4200
-liteon16x dvd
-Asus nforce2 deluxe board
-fortron 400 watt power supply
-Enermax CS-10181-W(case)
-2x256 hyperx kingston 2700 ddr

Well the problem is when I plug the power supply into the outlet, the motherboard light comes on, but when I try the power button there is no response, nothing attempts to start. So I figure the power supply is in working order, but could the motherboard be grounded? or have I simply messed up the Power SW cord on the mobo?
If any more information is required please tell me.
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  1. i would bet on you having just connected the power switch inncorrectly, we've all done it, check and double check its in the right place and is working,
  2. get a screwdriver and shot the 2 power SW pins...if that does not turn the computer on then you have bigger problems...

    If i put my k6 in a Ferrari it would be faster than your your pentium 4 or Athlon XP :tongue:
  3. Make sure you have them Ram in the 2 blue slots.. and not in the black one or a blue and a black one.

    AMD Barton 2500+
    A7N8X Delux
    Corsair Matched 256x2 PC3200 w/ Platinum Heat Spreaders
    Saphire Radeon 9600 pro
    Thermaltake X3
    Thermaltake 420 PS
  4. Okay the screwdrive trick worked, now once it's booted, it does some stuff after going into bios.. looks something like this.
    -Boot from CD:

    -Nvidia Boot Agent PXE-2.0

    -Media test failure: check cable
    -Exiting Nvidia boot agent

    -Initializing MBA alt ctrl B

    -Pre boot execution environment

    -Disk boot failure, insert system disc and press enter

    Also when hitting those wires with screwdrive.. how would I got about turning it off.. and how would I have connected the Power SW incorrectly if I'm hitting the correct wire thingies with the screwdriver? Could it be a faulty power button? I know it's unlikely seeing as how the LEDs and reset button dont work.. but what could but wrong with that?
  5. well all the power on switch is doing is shorting the 2 it sounds like your switch is bad or misconnected...

    Media test falure...that probably has to do with the asus function where it gives a voice readout of your boards status...unecissary for boot

    The disk boot falure...that is because you have yet to install an operating system/format or partition your drives...if you put a bootable floppy disk in the floppy drive or a bootable cd in an optical drive it would not display that message...

    to turn off...just short the power sw with the screw driver for like 5 seconds or sometimes more...

    Connect the reset button to the power SW the reset buton and the power WILL come on if the switch is good...

    LEDs not really sounds like to me you have the front pannel connections all confused...i find it very doubtful that all of your cases LEDs and switches are bad...

    If i put my k6 in a Ferrari it would be faster than your your pentium 4 or Athlon XP :tongue:
  6. Look at the diagrams in your Mobo manual !!!!!!!!
    Check the writing on the Mobo.
    Asus is not a fly by night operation.

    The loving are the daring!
  7. is still pretty strait forward...

    If i put my k6 in a Ferrari it would be faster than your your pentium 4 or Athlon XP :tongue:
  8. Thanks for all of your input, managed to work it using the Reset SW.
  9. Can you answer these 3 questions?

    1) is there writing on the connector that comes from the case? Look carefully at the little plastic tab u used for Reset. Does it have something like "Reset" written on it?
    What does it have written on it?

    2) Look carefully for writing at the Mobo where you hooked up you "Reset" switch. What do you see written around those pins?

    3) Have you found the page in the mobo manual that corresponds to the pins where you have connected your "reset" switch?

    4) Anybody around that can help you a little?

    The loving are the daring!
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