Inspiron e1505 dell laptop freezeing after reinstall

So my sisters computer was running slow because i duno.... but anyways i reinstalled windows and installed all the drivers but one of them came with an error about the charger haveing to be plugged in when it already was.(driver to flash the bios i believe) but anyways what happens is after it runs for a wile the computer wont freeze but ctrl alt delete wont work all the programs wont work and if you try to double click a program it wont launch any ideas how to fix this? would be appreciated thanks. And yes she lost the backup cd :(
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    It seems as if the bios update started to a degree, but was unable to finish, which is in turn causing the issue. Try and run the bios update again, maybe a different version this time as well. If that is a no go, try a roll back and see if that corrects the issue.
  2. will try thanks
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