what was your first cpu?? and yr??

my first cpu was an intel 286 runing at 12Mhz
my pc was something like this

1) intel 286 cpu @ 12Mhz
2) 40Mb hard drive
3) 1,44 and 1,2 Mb floppy drive.
4) hercules monochrome graphics (2 colors if u count black and white as colors)later upgraded to oak VGA with mono monitor
5) 1mb ram 8xx kb was left after graphics card uses some of it
6) mini tower case
7) BIC keyboard... (just a keyboard which was over 4lbs)
8) phoenic mouse with 2 buttons .. (serial)
9) star lc-20 dot matrix printer (9pin 180 cpi)

this was in year 1989 or 90.. and i was so proud of my system. it was a complete system which costed a bit more than 1000usd
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  1. My first cpu was a k7 550MHz, the first and last time I bought a processor at launch.
    My PC was something like this

    k7 550
    13Gb hard drive
    1.44 floppy
    ?x CD-Rom
    4/2 write/rewrite cd rom IIRC
    ati rage 128
    128mb sdram

    I was quite proud of my system as well, even though at the time I really didn't know anything about computers. Now I know several things I could have done differently, but I still had a lot of fun with that system.
  2. I got my first computer in 1982, if I remember correctly. Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer, bought it at a Radio Shack store. 4kb RAM, no hard disk and no floppy drives. Instead it used a tape recorder to store programs written in BASIC.

    A couple of years later I upgraded to a Commodore 64, this one had 64kb RAM, no hard disk, and a 5.25" floppy drive. Then came the Commodore 128.

    My first PC was an IBM with an 4.77Mhz Intel 8086 cpu, 640kb RAM and a 10 GB hard drive. CGA graphics and a green screen. Those were the days of Lotus 123, WordStar and the DOS. I'm surprised by the number of people who today don't know what the DOS was.

    From then its been 80286, 386, 486, Pentium, Cyrix, Pentium 2, Pentium 3, AMD Athlon XP and Pentium 4s.

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  3. my first cpu was an IBM, Intel 386 (funnily enough, it was an AMD-made chip) runing at 16MHz:

    1) Intel (AMD) 16MHz 386SX
    2) 80MB HDD
    3) 1,44MB FDD.
    4) IBM VGA Colour Monitor. Still works today, but you have to kick it or hit it with something hard every so often.
    5) 1MB RAM, upgradeable to 16MB
    6) 256KB Graphics Memory
    7) Desktop Case
    8) IBM Keyboard... (small light-weight PS/1 keyboard [compatible with PS/2])
    9) IBM Mouse with 2 buttons .. (PS/1)
    10)IBM 4019E Laser Printer, 512KB Buffer (I'm so proud. It's 13yrs old and printed >4000 pages, and I've never changed the toner)

    Bought it 1992, not a single problem since. Runs Windows 95 now, and takes several weeks to run SETI.


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  4. it runs windows 95? you must have upgraded to 16 megs of ram. my first comp was a 386 40 mhz, 2 megs of ram. 16 color video card, 60 meg hard drive, serial mouse, no sound card, separate isa controler card for hd, floppy, serial and parrallel ports. that thing was badass played wolfenstein like nothing lol.

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  5. this is vague cause i was like 8 years old when i got this computer...it was not technically mine but it was in my room...so thats good enough...

    intel 486
    X amount of ram
    speed star 24x graphics card (diamond) the card can support 1024 x 768 in windows 2000!
    eventually it got a toshiba quad speed cdrom drive
    5 1/4 floppy
    3.5 floppy
    some sound blaster card...i don't remember...
    a cheep baby at case (with AT mouse and keyboard)

    the case and powersupply are now powering my K6 system...and the quad speed cdrom drive is still connected and it still works!

    this was my first system but not my oldest...my father gave me all of his old 286/386 stuff...and the overclocking kit :evil:

    I also somehow picked up an old lcIII and old style 5 coaxle cable 21 inch monitor...the thing is 70lbs...lol...the powersupply for the apple computer is made by TDK...go figure...

    If i put my k6 in a Ferrari it would be faster than your your pentium 4 or Athlon XP :tongue:
  6. First ever was a BBC MicroB but that hardly counts

    First proper desktop PC was as follows:

    Intel 486DX2/66
    4mb RAM
    400Mb HDD
    Cirrus Logic 2D card
    Soundblaster 16 card
    14" Highscreen Monitor

    Was swiftly upgraded to feature 8mb RAM and a Creative 2X CD-ROM drive. That was 1994 i think...

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  7. Well, my dad bought our first home PC in 1992 when I was 6.

    It's a 486 clone processor with a math co-processor. Had 4 MB of ram upgraded a bit later to 8 MB. 250 MB hard drive. And I still have it operational.

    Ahhh, memories, I remember playing quite a few Microprose sims, my favourite was F-15 Strike Eagle, what a fun game. I had Wolfenstein and quite a few others too. I didn't do too much on that machine besides play games :smile:
  8. can it play doom3?
  9. My first CPU was K6-2 450 MHz

    My first PC specs:-

    K6-2 450 MHz
    Gigabyte GA-5AA
    32 MB PC?? SDRAM
    8 MB SiS 6326 (AGP version)
    13 GB Quantum Fireball lct08 HDD
    200W Generic PSU
    14" ViewSonic E40 monitor

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  10. probably pc66

    If i put my k6 in a Ferrari it would be faster than your your pentium 4 or Athlon XP :tongue:
  11. My first PC was an Intel 286 something. I wasn't really technical back then, so I can't remember the specs.

    I do remember playing TMNT tho (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), was very slow running. Other games included those bouncy ball thingies, where I would move a platform & the ball would bounce on it, towards breakable blocks.

    I also remember having access to BASIC (not QBASIC). DOS was unbelievably unstable too, commands worked only sometimes, & I had a hell of a time trying to make the system work.

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  12. my first computer was a comodore 64, then i got a pent 2 233mhz with mmx, i thought it was the best thing in the world.

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  13. NOID...thats what they are called...the bouncy thingies...

    If i put my k6 in a Ferrari it would be faster than your your pentium 4 or Athlon XP :tongue:
  14. Not the ole bouncy thingies
  15. First puter I used was Comm 64 First I owned was AMD Athlon 500 Mhz.
  16. Intel Pentium 60MHz (Packard Bell)
    300MB HD with Win 3.1

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  17. my first upgrade was from 286-12 mhz to 486 sx 25 mhz.. it was amazing .. so fast costed me about 300 usd... or even more .. it didnt have math co-processor... was terrible in autocad.. but it was so fast for the rest of the games.. and applications...
  18. Ohh ok heh :D.

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  19. if you like the game there is a java version at free arcade.com it is called java noid...

    it is in color of course...and highly updated

    If i put my k6 in a Ferrari it would be faster than your your pentium 4 or Athlon XP :tongue:
  20. Hi guys,

    here's my first machine::

    AMD 486 DX-2 66MHz
    8 MB RAM
    CL 5546 with 4MB RAM
    650MB HDD
    8x Creative CDROM
    SB 16
    Genius Net Mouse
    Can't remember the keyboard...
    15" Samsung Color
    Windows 3.1
    33.6 Modem Blaster

    Upgrade later in the year to 16MB Ram and Win 95.

    and that was in 1996.
  21. OK.

    Now I feel old.

    My first was an i4004.

    *Dual PIII-800 @900 i440BX and Tualeron 1.2 @1.74 i815*
  22. hmmm...

    At least you did not say a mechanical computer...or an aticus...lol

    If i put my k6 in a Ferrari it would be faster than your your pentium 4 or Athlon XP :tongue:
  23. has anyone here ever used an operating system called GEM 3.1?

    If i put my k6 in a Ferrari it would be faster than your your pentium 4 or Athlon XP :tongue:
  24. Hi

    My first ever computer was my Amiga 1200 (brilliant machine) which had a Motorolla 68020 @ 14.9MHz. Later I upgraded it to a 50MHz 68030, WOW Vista landscapes went from 20 mins to just 4!!!

    My first PC had an AMD K6 166MHz

    I'm currently I'm on a Athlon XP 1600+ but since I have also built machines which have:

    K6-2 500 with 128MB RAM
    Am5x86-133MHz with 40MB RAM
    Am386DX-40MHz with 20MB RAM

    BTW my 386 does run Win95 quite happily although I currently run it on Windows NT 3.51 Workstation.

    Oh yes, in case any intel fanboys read this and try to flame me, I do have an Intel 486DX-4 100 and P133 lying arround. (I know what these forums are like)

    Windows XP Works on a K5 PR133 (100MHz) with 80MB RAM!!!!!!
  25. i have an MAC machine powered by a 68030...but it runs only 30mhz...did the amiga have a copro...i should get 1 for the mac...could breath new life into it..lol

    If i put my k6 in a Ferrari it would be faster than your your pentium 4 or Athlon XP :tongue:
  26. Yes the expansion board that had my 50MHz 030 had a 68883 (or 2) FPU, I didn't notice any difference.

    What really made a difference was that my 14.9MHz chip was a 68EC020 and had no MMU. My 030 had an MMU and I could then have a virtual memory swapfile!!

    BTW my amiga during the years got a 240MB Hard Drive and 10MB RAM (the A1200 came with 2MB).

    Windows XP Works on a K5 PR133 (100MHz) with 80MB RAM!!!!!!
  27. My first PC was a custom built 486DX2/66MHz, 4MB RAM, 640MB HDD (Conner), don't remember the detail specs, at 1995; 2nd was a Pentium 133MHz which generally a revolution of my old 486DX2, also by that time I still far from a technie, so I only remembered beside the Intel CPU, I have a generic 4x CDROM drive and Sound Blaster 16, and 16MB RAM, at 1997; my third was Cyrix MII-333, 64MB RAM, Gainward mobo, Sound Blaster Live! Value, 48x Creative Infra CDROM drive, 3D Labs Permedia2, 6.4GB Quantum Fireball, at 1999; forth come the Pentium III 700MHz Coppermine on Epox CU133+, 384MB PC133 (3x128MB Hyundai, NEC, JetRAM), nVidia Vanta 16MB (upgraded to GeForce2 MX400 64MB), 10GB Quantum Fireball (upgraded to 20GB Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 5), generic 52x CDROM (upgraded to Lite-On 52x), and this system is still running fine now as my secondary machine good from 2000; my fifth machine was a temparory rig which was a Duron 900MHz SpitFire at 2002, I moved all my parts to my old PIII system and sold this one; my current rig is AthlonXP 2600+ on A7N8X Deluxe, built at 2003.

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  28. Mine was a 486 DX/2, not sure what company made it or anything. I dont even know how fast it was but i beileve I had 8 mb of ram and 512 kb for the video card. But the interesting thing is just recently I found an old computer in the trash (I like to trash pick :wink: .) I believe it is a 486 SX/2. Any one want to buy it? Still works, the hard drive was shot so i guess they thought it was time to upgrade.

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  29. when i upgraded my 286-12mhz to 486-25 mhz i couldnt upgrade my ram. it was still 1mb .. i bought 4mb of ram then i realized it didnt fit my mobo cos it was a new tech. thing called EDO ram :)))))))))) isnt that funny .. the guy where i got the ram was telling me this is the memory of the future.. it will be used for ages.. bla bla bla.. i was so upset that i couldnt use the technology of the future .. :(( :))
  30. An Apple 2E my dad bought it, any one know what specs they had, i was about 10.

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  31. So I played around with slide rules. Plus some old data processing.
  32. Thats the old stuff you still play with.
  33. It's about time you breath some new life into that ole thing.
  34. Na long gone.

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  35. my cpu was sold with the mainboard.. there was no way to take it out of the board unless u break the board..
  36. 6502 (I'm not sure but I think it ran at 1Mhz) in an AppleII+ back in 1978. Ended up with 5 various II+'s and IIE's collecting dust by 1983. ;)

    First PC was a 286 something which I don't even remember well.

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  37. My first new computer was a 60mgz Pentium. It really kicked ass over my friends 486sx. It had a 540MB HD and I think 8Megs of ram. It had an s3 trio Vid card with 1 meg of ram. I remember spending bookoo bucks upgrading the ram to 16 megs. Not too long after I got this comp. Q1 came out and my P60 wasn't going to cut it. I think this was back in 1995. I didn't know anything about computers back then. It was a good time to learn because my comp came with win 3.1. So I had to learn a little about DOS. Remember modem init strings and boot disks? Weve come a long way.
  38. i still have a dos 3.3 boot disk...it can only recognise a max of 200 some MB for the primary partition and like 5mb for each logical drive...

    Even comparing dos 3.3 to dos 6.2 i can say that computers have come a very long way!

    It is on a half density floppy by the way...

    If i put my k6 in a Ferrari it would be faster than your your pentium 4 or Athlon XP :tongue:
  39. My computer was an IBM 386 with 25mhz 50mb harddrive 16mb of memory. got it from priceclub

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  40. 65C02, 0.00179 Ghz (1.79 Mhz LOL!), in an Atari 800. I think the year was 1979 or 1980. Just 16 KB of memory, no peripherals, $750.

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  41. Quote:

    Now I feel old.

    My first was an i4004.

    Thanks. I feel less old.

    The first personal computer I ever saw was an Altair 8008.

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  42. My first computer was an IBM 386, I used it for simcity 1 (I think it was before the upgrade). It also had a modem and my dad used it to connect to compuserve and another network whose name I don't remember, anyway, that was pretty cool back then.

    I had a much better usertitle but was caught trying to hack me a better one so I got my current title as a punishment
  43. The first PC the family ever had was a BBC micro, and it contained a RISC type cpu running at a beefy ~1.4Mhz. 32k ram rounded out the platform.

    The first CPU i owned was an original P1 - 166Mhz with 32Mb of EDO ram. And yes it cost a fortune.

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  44. my friend had a xt runing at 4.77mhz .. mine was so fast compared to his computer. mine was 12Mhz .. and i had high density floppies .. both 3,5" and 5,25" i used to love 5,25" but u had to be really carefull with em .. :)) god when u think about it ... my friend he could only save 360k on a floppy on the double sided double density ones.. i still have one single sided single density 5.25 floopy which is 160kb :))
  45. mwooo haa haa. such speeeeed.
    the BBC micro was acutally quite an advanced system for its time.

    1Mhz risc chip, 32k ram (only 16k usable, other 16k was OS) 1 5.25" floppy holding a whopping 180k and 4 channel sound!

    When i finally got a PC it came with awesome MCGA graphics, capable of 320x200 and 256 colour.

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  46. 4 channel sound .. wow i had no sound at all.. i bought my first soundblaster pro compatibe card for 190usd :)) it was huge like one of those voodoo 5 6000 cards... :)))
  47. Commodore 128.. I was pretty young back then but I remember playing tons of games on it.. the seemed so good and I remember comparing our first PC we got later to the Commodore and thinking how bad the PC is at gaming. Especially the difference in sound quality.. and the C128 had 2 built in gamepad ports on the side of the keyboard.. how long did the PC take to make a decent looking gamepad port (USB) that was put on the front of PCs?
    The gfx took quite a while to catchup also.

    My first PC was a 286, dont remember the specs but had a phoenix mouse that I wore out playing Quest for Glory (Heroes Quest was the name of the game at the time) and KQ3/Space Quest 1.

    The rise of all computers in the 80s was a wonderful thing to experience.. I'm greatful I'm barely old enough to remember it.

    Commodore had a GUI (Geos) how long did that take Wintel? Another 5 years at least to catch on. Its good to see that Intel is no longer stiffling progress in the PC realm anymore with AMD around.
    After the Commodore went thru the 286/386/486, then I bought my own system completely on my own which was a P133. Of course I'm alot older at that point.
    Then I grew up and went AMD with my Tbird 700.

    As far as year I'm sure we had the Commodore circa '86.

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  48. i remembered in 1993, still using a 286 intel processor. And the classic games of dos, oh men i missed that computer, cause it cost me over a thousand dollars, and the experience.

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  49. yeah well considering the BBC was around the time of the apple 2, 4 channel sound was YEARS ahead of anything else... and it was MANY years before PC's got decent sound in the form of soundblaster or before that, adlib.

    We even had a "speech" program on the BBC. type stuff in and it would say it stephen hawking style. primative, but fun!
    not bad for a 32k machine.

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