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So, I was performing HDD Regenerater on my external HDD for removing bad sectors and it recommended me to change my SATA controller from AHCI to IDE in BIOS manually. So, I shutdown my laptop and change it from AHCI to compatible and save changes and exit. Immediately after that, an underscore starts blinking and it's a black screen. I can't do anything. I can't access BIOS as well. I forcefully shut it down and when I power up, the same thing occurs. It just keeps blinking. This is the first time that this is happening to me. How can I access BIOS and change it back to normal? I've searched a lot but found none with my specific problem. Please help me out people. I have not made my recovery disks. Thanks. :)
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  1. Hi, What model is the laptop?
  2. Toshiba C something. Does it matter?
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    Yes, See if this does help (How to use Toshiba HDD Recovery Utility - press and hold the 0 key when powering up)
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  5. OMG man, it worked. All I did was hold 0 before powering up and then power up. I chose to start Windows normally and lo, it worked. You have no idea how happy you have made me. I have so much stuff worth a lot to me. Thanks man. :)
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