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hi.. my son just built me a mid level gaming system, with windows 7 64 bit os..and he loaded a bunch of games (older)on it for me also,....however,,when he tried to load medal of honour/allied assault, it gave him a error message and said..that -it could not load open gl subsystem..i am trying to figure out wat that means?...cause his internet is down rght now..does anyone have a answer?...ty doug
msi 770 g45 am3motherboard
corsair dominator ram..4gb
corsair 650 watt psu
sapphire 4850 512 gb video card
amd 2.8ghz quad core propus cpu
antec 300 case
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    Hi b.By the looks of the numbers you got a pretty sweet can there.I can't see why you would have trouble.I have an ancient can and I can set my GPU to OpenGL.It's just another way to display graphics with a single interface and not have to set all the individual slots.Here is a link that will explain it better without me blabbing away.Good luck:-) for your response and the compliment..i picked out the parts myself, im rather happy so far with the results..only i researched all day yesterday, including this link u gave me, and personally,..... i know kinda what it is saying and understand kinda what open gl is about, but no where near enough to fully know how to deal with it...
    ...and why just the 1 game out of many...altho today he will try it again...everything else is working perfect..which is cool..he says its as good as his own custom system (intell) he put together for hisself...but i kinda think i should have sprung for a more powerfull gpu myself,..i was just curious about ati graphics..ive always used nvidia...D.
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