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Hi Everyone, Today i had a power out while i was using my computer. when the power came back i turned my pc on to find my mouse was no longer working correctly. it wont track and the DPI settings which are displayed on the OLED screen on the mouse is blank. i can right/left click ect but it just wont track. i had this happen before and i fixed it by simply re-installing drivers and un-plugging/re-plugging the mouse. however this time when i tried that it made it worse, all the button stopped working along with the tracking. also now when i turn my computer off the mouse LED's stay on (not normal) im not sure what else to do and cant seem to find anything simular on the net. has anyone expirienced this before or got any ideas or advice on how i might fix this?

any help is greatly appreciated,

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  1. When the power came back ON there might have been a surge or a sag and this might have caused some issues to the PSU or motherboard. Here is a trouble-shooting guide that may help -

    Follow the guide step by step, and you have a good chance of identifying the problem. What is happening to the mouse is the RESULT of a problem elsewhere.
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