Computer crashes after Processor driver update

Hello, I'm posting this for my friend... Here are his computer stats

We play a game called Warrock, and he recently started to lag in game and nothing would fix it (FPS woulddrop from 130 to 20-40).

So he updated his processor driver from the AMD website and it helped but his laptop would crash after 20-30 minutes of playing games. He has played games on his laptop for years and the lag problem only recently started coming up. I suggested he just upgrade to a new one but he would like to fix this problem.

Rolling back didn't solve the crash issue and he's saving reformatting as a last resort.

Edit: Rolling back did solve the crashing issue but brought back the lag.
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  1. Try uninstalling the new driver completely and going back to a previous driver version and see what that does. My guess is that there is an issue with the driver. If that is a no go, call AMD up and they can help out.
  2. how about heat issues does he/she clean the dust out?

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