What hardware do I need to stream movies, e.g., Netflix to my HDTV (non-smart)??

To save myself unimaginable time and frustration, I'm just trying to find out the hardware needed to simply stream movies, e.g., Netflix to my HDTV (non-smart). Router and NIC? Settop box or other box? Buckets of patience or a crash course in PC2TV?
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  1. Need more information about your set up.

    Is you PC in the same or adjoining room as your HDTV?
    If not, is there any sort of networking capability in the room your HDTV is in (wired network or reliable WiFi)?
    Do you have an XBox game console near your HDTV?

    -Wolf sends
  2. I think it's easier... just buy a apple tv or a roku.
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