Windows 7 lag/delay in gaming

From Solitaire to Minesweeper, Flash Games to MMOs, there's a consistent 4-8 second lag on all actions. It started a few days ago, and a cause I've yet to find. I've asked a few who know a lot about computers and such, and their more general tips, along with a few I've found through the web, have all done nothing for the problem.

The lag exists on every game I've tried, and it exists on all users for the computer.

For whatever reason, the game Hearts continues to play perfectly normal, no lag issues whatsoever.

I haven't found anyone else through my search who has a problem like his, but if anyone has any tips/ideas/solutions, please advise me on what action I should take.

If you need additional information on my system, let me know what it is and where to find it. (I'm no computer wiz.)
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  1. Erm... that doesn't sound like it's Windows fault, it sounds like the computer is just extremely slow. How old is the system?

    Also, that's very common for malware-infected computers. Download Microsoft Security Essentials from the microsoft website and do a full scan.
  2. I had a problem like this... It was not windows having problems.. it was my HDD goign dead.

    How old is this computer?
  3. Try disabling windows aero and see if that helps anything, if it still lags probably sounds like your build is a bit old (hardware wise). You could also try defragging your hard drive.
  4. It's a labtop to be exact, sorry for not specifying that before. I bought it in early June of this year.

    Edit: I've defragged it already, and could you say how to disable windows aero? Not much of a wiz when it comes to computer programs/programming. Btw I currently use Microsoft Security Essentials, and a full scan turned up nothing I'm sad to say.
  5. Sounds like it's a video driver issue. Have you tried upgrading it to the latest version? Other than gaming does the rest of the system work normally?
  6. @Peter

    I wouldn't even know how to upgrade it. I'd imagine its relatively up to date; I've only had the labtop since June. As far as the rest of the system goes, everything else seems to work normally, except for the speakers which don't work at all despite the computer saying otherwise. Hearts still works perfectly fine as well (the card game).
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