Startup repair can not repair this computer automatically

i have a Toshiba A305-S6872,Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit) that won't boot.,,
tried everything desperately...i don't have any recovery disc

every time it says "startup repair can not repair this computer automatically" problem event name : startuprepairV2.
system restore not previous restore point.all other options are also not available, command prompt could be a way out,but i could'nt do much there....

any suggestions anyone please? thanks
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  1. you can try sfc /scannow in the command prompt.

    Did your machine come with a recovery partition installed? If so, use that.
  2. hi.thanks for replying.
    there was 3 partitions i believe in "my computer",C,vista or toshiba(as i recall). and a 3th one "BOOT".
    I can't get to them obviously as i can't start windows,but if i try "complete pc restore" at the repair wizard,it gives me the option to look for a "system file",but where to find it for god sakes!!
    sfc /scannow in the command promp did not work..
  3. The complete PC restore should work. Also check your BIOS startup options for a recovery utility. Can you go into more detail about when it asks you for a system file?
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