Finished Building...but is this normal??

By some reading effort and with all help from here, I've finally built my own, first computer *hurray*. I have not installed any OS yet, because I wanna make sure that everything's fine and working.

However, when I entered BIOS and check CPU temperature, I got an average of 60 degree celsius!! With air conditioning opened, case opened, 4 case fan running, I can't believe this. Well, I didn't use any thermal grease, and I just use the AMD-provided fan. I'm using an AMD 2500+ processor.

I just wanna know if this is normal and if anyone can suggest an effective way to lower the temperature, caz I plan to use this machine to do some tough works. (like gaming, image editing with Photoshop, etc.)

Thanks all~

My hardwares are listed as follows:
MB: Gigabyte K7V600
CPU: AMD Athlon 2500+ (333 MHz)
RAM: Kingston DDR-333 256 MB
Harddisk: Maxtor 30GB 7200rpm
Display Card: GeForce2 MX400 (PCI Version - it's from my old computer)
CD-ROM, Floppy Drive, etc.
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  1. You said that you're just using the AMD provided fan, so I assume that the processor & the HSF (heat sink fan) was already combined? Or did you simply placed the processor on the socket, & then placed the HSF over it without anything sandwiched between them?

    If the former is true, then chances are that some form of contact material was already included (either thermal grease, or thermal adhesive of some sort). If thats the case, then you'll have to clean out the old stuff thoroughly, before applying any new paste (like AC3 or something). But even after applying the new paste, temperatures will probably only go down by a few degrees after the settling period. This of course isn't good enough, since your processor should operate at around the 40C region or so. It has to be something else.

    If it's the latter, then the problem is easy enough :). Just take off the HSF & apply grease properly & you should be set.

    Also, how are your fans configured? Two intake & two exhaust? Three exhausts & one intake? Preferrably, you should configure them to take airflow in & out as equally as possible.

    Another thing, when operating the system, do you always run it without the side on? Because if you do, then even 4 fans won't do much of anything unfortunatly :(. Airflow would be pumped into the case.... and then it'll just flow out of the side. Exhaust would simply take air from the surroundings, & then put it back there. With the side on however, the airflow should be restricted enough so that fresh air would flow into the case, get taken through the HSF, & then get taken out of the case. I suggest putting the side back on.

    Of course, it could also be that your board is reporting temperatures wrongly. Maybe you could try Motherboard Monitor?

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  2. The most common mistake we have seen lately is instalation of the hsf. It can be attached 2 ways. Only one of these is correct. Make sure that your heatsink/fan are flat against the proccessor. If 1 end seems higher above the board than the other, you have it mounted wrong way round. The brown patch in the middle of your heatsink is thermal compound. Retail xp2500 cpus come that way. If yours dosen't have it, yell at the retailer and he'll give you some thermal paste. Personally I never put the side on my case, so my normal temps are 40c to 45c.
  3. Did you take the paper protector off the grease/paste/compound on the bottom of the Heat Sink Fan?

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  4. yes I did
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