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a b 4 Gaming
March 19, 2002 5:42:49 AM

I´m new in gaming and is going to buy a 2,2Ghz, 1GB ram, gf4 ti4600.
As you see by the spec i´m intending to start playing games at my spare time ;-D
I like shoot em up and cargames but don´t know wich games that is considered to be the best in each category.
Any tips among the upcoming games??

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March 19, 2002 6:49:35 AM

<A HREF="http://www.Gamespot.Com" target="_new">Click</A>

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March 19, 2002 9:57:43 AM

These are not new games, but my favorite. For fighting Unreal Tournament, for racing Nascar Racing 4, and Sprint Cars is pretty neat too, and cheap.
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March 19, 2002 6:23:03 PM

For racing....drop dead with F1 2001 right now... or Nascar racing season 2002 if you like the oval thing....

For shoot em up i too vote for unreal tournament if your into the fast paced action, but if you like great team multiplayer there is none other than Command and Conquer Renegade, Ghost Recon, and Operation Flashpoint.

Other games that'll show off your pc and are great fun are Max Payne, Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos, and the almost out Jedi Outcast, Warcraft III, and Morrowind (all 3 rock for graphics and gameplay so far in their betas and Jedi is gold already.
March 20, 2002 1:50:46 AM

Classics are always sure bets: Half Life(old but still so good a story and cheap today), unreal tournament & quake 3 for first person shooters and well klingon academy if you are a trecky
March 20, 2002 7:17:36 PM

where the hell do people get betas of these games?

....the birds seemed to be calling him, thought caw....
March 22, 2002 6:12:35 PM

check yer private messages tdean... Beta's are a slippery thing...