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Hey guys, I have until recently been able to play most Bluray movies on the laptop. I bought Battle Star Galactica box set and series one was fine however series 2 onwards will not play. The screen is a jumbled mess of flashing green pixels, series 1 no issue. The Blurays are fine they play on a mates Dell. Incase it was SW related I bought PowerDVD 9, still the same. The Vaio is updated to the latest Sony available drivers. I suspect Sony are no longer updating for this machine, but no doubt its a waste of effort asking the BIG SONY. Tried Nvidia updates but they wont go on the laptop reporting the update is not for the hardware installed. I was considering binning it and getting a new Dell Alien, but it seems Dell are no longer offering bluray drives as an optional extra. Any ideas folks, much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Strange issue. My guess is that there is a hardware issue with the bluray player. You can try to update the firmware if you haven't already done so (different from a driver), which in turn will basically reset the device. If that doesn't do it, I would call Sony and see what they have to say. If it is a bad drive, you can always buy a new one, but if it is an older laptop, you may be better off just buying a new one.
  2. buwish
    Thank you for your reply, much apprecited. I did eventually resolve the problem and it was the graphics driver all along. As I mentioned before I tried a heap of Nvidia 7600GT drivers to no avail, all reported that my laptop did not have compatible hardware for the driver version. A pal of mine suggested using a driver mod utility Well it worked on the latest Nvidia 7600 driver and I am now watching BlueRay AVC. Sony have not yet responded to my email. It seems they are still providing software updates for Viao applications for my machine as some are new for 2010. Quite a bizzarre situation I think as Sony are the great beholders of the BluRay design. I can honestly say I will NOT be purchasing another Sony Vaio, Dell for me in future.

    Take care
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