What is the best graphic card for dell vostro 1550 for playing assassins creed??


I love to play games and assassins creed the most.But due to my low graphic resolution.I could'nt play the game.So please suggest me with the best graphic card for my Dell vostro1550 and also how to connect the same externally to it...

Thanks in advance.:)
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  1. Well... hang on. That's a laptop.

    You're trying to find an external video card for it?

    It'll be cheaper to build a new computer to play the game... just saying.

    (This should't be in windows 7 configuration, but okay.)
  2. Try http://www.villagetronic.com/vidock2/index.html or http://www.amd.com/us/products/technologies/ati-xgp/Pages/ati-xgp.aspx , but it's expensive for the power it has. I would say it's best to just open it up and replace it on the inside with a normal one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TD6WDt-goiU
    Anyway, those are my views on doing that, but don't take my opinions too seriously :P
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