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Hello, I recently did a factory reset of my computer, Inspiron N5110 because it was running slow and having issues with windows 7. I decided to just to a factory reset and it worked fine. I did the first round of windows 7 updates (1 update), restarted and it booted up fine. So I started the next round of windows 7 updates, (68 if I remember correctly) and 1 of them failed. So I preceded to restart and windows never booted again. I am not even able to repair my computer from the Advanced boot options. If I try that it just stalls right before the window with the options pops up. I tried to to a clean reinstall of windows 7 from a disk and it gets to the point saying setting up files and stalls there. Anyone have any idea what I can do or try to fix this. I do not have the money ($100) to fork over to dell just to fix corrupted windows files.
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  1. If you can't even do a clean install it sounds like it's possibly a HDD issue. Can you go into the BIOS and run HDD diagnostics from there?
  2. Yeah I can, but the computer is only 5 months old. And it doesn't make sense because it lets me "start" doing the clean install of windows, it just stalls out after that. My first thought when windows would not boot was HDD issue as well. Same thing if I try to repair it, it will boot all the way to where the options window would pop up, then again stalls out.
  3. Everything is good on the diagnostics end.
  4. I guess you could try memtest too, or the built-in memory tester. If it's just 5months old though, I should have a work with Dell!
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