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I need the on screen keyboard to appear so i can login to Windows. I have an old school industrial tablet. (DLi8300) running Windows 7 Pro.
And it seem that the factory installed OSK (on screen keyboard) does not run during the login phase, also the Windows OSK does not run either.

There must be a way of displaying the OSK at login, at least official Windows one. And no plugging in a keyboard is not an option.
i have looked on the search engines and people have fancy scripts running, but that just seem's wrong.
there must be a tick box somewhere or a registry key that i am missing.

cheers all
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  1. i think i found it,
    on the bottom left corner of the login screen there is a option button and it had the OSK in there.
    Shame that does not help the issue on Windows XP Tablet Edition!
  2. I have an HP TC1100 that I have installed 7 on. Not sure if you have done it but I had to install the tablet features.

    Click Start - type turn windows features on or off
    Expand the tablet features and make sure they are all enabled
    Click OK and restart if prompted.
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