Sound Blaster Arena Surround USB Gaming Headset broken

My cat jumped off my computer desk while I was wearing my headphones. The result was the wires separating from the USB end. They are quite distinguishable and not impossible to solder. However knowing which wire corresponds to which solder point is beyond me. I contacted Creative. They will not help me. If anyone has a Sound Blaster Arena Surround USB Gaming Headset and would be willing to open up the plastic housing on the USB end to tell me what goes where I would greatly appreciate it. Also the plastic housing will go back together. If any additional info is necessary, please inquire.
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    color codes.. but that doesnt mean creative used the standard.
    not using the standard might lead to trouble from the FTC.

    nobody really needs to open up their usb and take a chance of breaking their hardware.
    you might be waiting a lifetime for someone to do it.
  2. Thanks mate appreciate it.
  3. unfortunately I'll be waiting a life time. The wires I'm looking for are audio, mic, n such. USB piece is in tact. I'm going to try n open the earphone to see if I can see if it is labeled similarly on that controller board. Can't hurt. Already broke as ***!
  4. So no result, but I have been using trial n error. I found the corresponding nodes for the left earphone. I can hear music! momentarily =(
    I'll figure this *** out. Creative has my panties in a bunch n I tend to make sure anyone that has my problem will be able to solve it. Wiring diagram incoming. CUNTS!

  5. By pruwdent at 2011-05-27

    By pruwdent at 2011-05-27

    What's goin on so far. At this point I can easily make the headset produce sound. However I would not have a mic, volume control buttons, LED light, or Mic on/off switch.
  6. how many usb connections are required for the hardware?

    and you say the usb connector is attached.. it is the other side of wires that become detached?

    i'll apologize if it is the other side of wires that came loose, as that doesnt really seem like much to open up and have a look at the wires.
    i thought you ment cutting open a usb connector mold with a razor to see the solder.
    those would be much more flimsy than the circuit board and wires, giving reason why i said it wouldnt be worth it.
    somebody might be able to pop open the case to expose the circuit board and simply wrap some tape around the enclosure to keep it shut again.

    i will give you a word to use with the internet search engines that you might not know already.
    that word is 'schematic'
    it is a diagram to tell you how the circuit board is designed.
    you might not get some detailed information without the word in the search.
  7. yea I probably should have done a better job at explaining and included pictures right off the bat. It is the other side of the wires that became detached.

    Yea the case for the USB end is designed to be put back together. You would need to gradually bring both sides of the case up. So you would not damage any of the pins. This may be an assumption due to the violent incident that separated mine. But I can easily put mine back together with tape or a dab of adhesive.

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

    Thanks for the key word. I've been using diagram. I'll give it a try.
  8. Started monkeying around on creative forums. Found one similar post.
    similar post
  9. gunna go ahead an solder what I have so far. The mic is a crapshoot. Don't know if it will work or not. The headphones should work depending on my job soldering. perfect solder, perfect headphones. I lose the all the extras. It's ok. Functionality is all I ask for.

  10. Figured it out. Trial an error with a soldering gun can accomplish a lot. Everything works perfect. No thanks to Creative Support. I have soldered once before in highschool. I easily accomplished this and so can you. I spent $10 @ Walmart and recieved a solder gun, solder, and shrink wrap. I watched a couple of solder videos and read up on it. Practiced on a couple of spare wires to get the feel for it. Then dominated. This should be enough for anyone to solve this problem. Good luck!

    Uploaded with

    Wire Description:
    from top to bottom as shown in the illustration.
    1.bare/red or copper/red
    2.bare or copper
    3.sheathed white
    7.bare/blue or copper/blue
    9.sheathed orange
    11.multi-color tight thread. The primary color is red. that is why this fellow mistook it for a full red. It appears to have bare/red/(blue or green). It is the only wire like this. Easily distinguishable.
    12.bare/green or copper/green
  11. This week my dog (german shepherd) had the kindness of running upstairs and jumping on my lap for some petting and after he was done with me, went away and managed to do the same thing only leaving one wire connected to the usb pcb.
    As with you, Creative told me that all they could do was give me a discount to buy another one! I even said that I would sign any legal document forbidding me to publicize any information provided by them and to take my situation to the higher staff (which was done).

    Your headset is working as it was never been broken?

    I'm eager to tell them to give me the discount albeit with the headset fully functional.
    I have a friend which has the same headset but he's a little afraid to open the plastic cover to tell me which wire goes where.
  12. It works flawless after soldering it back together. Also the plastic piece goes back together so your friend should stop being a puss. And again everything works great. I use the microphone frequently and all other extras. There has not been any noise in the headphones and no glitches what so ever. Does this help?
  13. Finally finished the soldering work and safe to say that you saved me! You really did, I only have the mic switch and the volume down clashing together but isolating will solve the problem, the wires must be in contact. You saved my 70€ that I paid for the Arena and the need to buy another one.
    It it wasn't for you, I would be disgraced! Saved on my favourites and will spread.

    Also, saw your post on Creative and they remained dead silent... too bad, you figured it out! In some twisted way, bless your cat for what he did, he and you saved me.

    There's not enough words to thank you! :bounce: :D
  14. I'm glad I could help you out. Besides, someone had to do it :D

    Yea creatives lack of service was what made me do this. I was bent on figuring it out.
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