Aloha dudes and duddettes,
Now that I have my AMD 2400+ Win XP Pro up and running with the best system what is a good system maintenance software I may use on my PC? PC Technician's Toolbox, Norton System Work 2003, System Medic, or PC Tools Pro 2003. If you have any other softwares let me know. Any help is appreciated.


Thanks and mahalo,
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  1. Ever thought about maintaining your system yourself mate ;)?

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  2. IMO Norton Systemworks does the job, even includes antivirus, Norton´s the only one you´ll ever need! :wink:
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  3. depends always on what you install on your pc.
    And avoid programs with spyware such as kazaa 2.5, and lots of file sharing programs.

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  4. Norton SystemWorks 2003 is the best.

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  5. Norton is good and reasonably priced. They had a rebate recently that may still be in effect.
  6. From my experience, Norton Systemworks is the devil. I love their internet security suite, but Systemworks seemed to cause more problems than it solved and the system slowdown after installation was uncomfortbaly noticeable. I have put it on three different systems, and none of them have been better off for it. I prefer instead to have Norton Internet Security and run Norton Utilities from the CD, rather than installing it.
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