Unable to update and use internet though signal is found

My computer is set to not update automatically because once it updates, it won't allow access to internet (wireless or lan). I have to use a restore point to undo everything. My computer hasn't been updated for a year or more do to this problem. It can't find a problem when I run the help program and tells me to get on the internet to solve (won't let me do that in the first place) How can I fix this?
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  1. After the updates, look in Device Manager and see if the network drivers are OK. You also need to give some detail as to exactly what happens. Can you connect to the network but can't get online? What have you tried to fix this already? Do you get a correct IP from your router after the updates?
  2. If you could list some specifications it may help. How is your internet acess set up ? Do you have a modem and router or just the modem. What is your newtwork card brand and is it builtin to the motherboard or a seperate card? When was the last time you updated the drivers for the newtwork card/chip ?
    Motherboard ,cpu ,ram , operating system ? Did you build it or buy it all built ?
    Have you been getting onto the internet and just not updating Windows ?
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