Gaming display?

hi all,

I already own this tv :
it is connected to my pc and i use it mainly... in fact ONLY for gaming.

will i find any difference/do i need to upgrade to this monitor:

i have never gamed in an lcd "monitor" before... before the tv i had a 21'' crt monitor..
don't consider size of tv as a con. i have enough desk space and high quality eyes :kaola: .. and oh... the tv has built in 5.1ch speakers :D

if there arent any difference, how come the tv is so low priced compared to the monitors of same size ??

support your answer with reason plz
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    I would stick with your tv. Plus points IPS so better colours, stands up right. Cons 100w an hour more eletric.
  2. thanks. but i get some kind of banding in the tv... now im begging to think its my gpu's fault.
  3. What gpu hows if connected?
  4. narwen said:
    What gpu hows if connected?

    its a 6600gt 256 mb agp
    and i don't get the banding while in games cuz its not played in hd...

    its only noticeable when my hd screen saver comes on... its nothing moving just some cars

    like the image appears in the beginning with really bad colors and the colors slowly become better n better and it stabilizes in two seconds...
  5. its connected via dvi to hdmi cable..
    pretty good quality hdmi 1.3 cable which shouldnt be a problem
  6. The agp is probably bottlenecking plus not much ram.
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