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Hello,my fans are not run as fast as they use to and my laptop is locking up more. when you turn on the laptop the fans use to come on full blast bu now it comes on only half i think. i have a toshiba a75 satdilite. how do i find out what the problem is and fix. i would not mind if it run full allthe time but the fans wear out faster that way.plaese give me any advise you have.
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  1. Well, I would probably first check the fan speed in either the bios or through a program like speedfan. In this bios it should give you an rpm value. Next, you can try getting a can of air and spraying out the fan ports to see if that helps. Finally, if worse came to worse, I would remove the fans and test them manually and probably order up a few new ones. Check out the thread at the top of the forum here to get an idea on how to take a laptop apart if you want to go that route.
  2. I have the same laptop, Toshiba A75. I have put on it a lot of hours, and learned a lot from it. The locking that you are experiencing is not overheating, or etc, it is the poor design of the outer shell storing static charge that does not discharge at the DC port. What I did to best stop the locking was to take a piece of tape (3 inches) and tape it to the speaker and the base. What that allows is, the speakers are directly connected to the mouse pad, meaning that now the static charge will go to proper route for discharging at the DC port.
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