I hate my LED TV can you help me?

I was gifted a samsung 6050 or 5420 series led tv right around the time my lamp on my dlp tv burnt out. Decided id save space by using this led tv. Ever since i got it i hated it. The main reason for this is that i feel like im watching a soap opera whenever i use it. I found that the only way to tolerate using it to watch tv or play games on is if i turned game mode on, and turned off just about every other feature. I then later decided to buy some monitors that have the same technology only they dont have speakers nor do they have any apps or fun little features.

The problem with the monitors and the tv that ive noticed is that when im playing a game or watching sports, if something moves too fast the screen feels like its interlaced. The best way to reproduce this is to play a first person shooter and turn up my sensitivity and start spinning. What you will see is that a 3rd the way down from the top of the tv is a line that is cut causing the top 3rd to separate from the middle 3rd of the tv. The same effect is also occurring 2 3rds of the way down. Now for playing games this is absolutely terrible and almost intolerable.

There are no settings with the LED monitors so i stopped using them and have since given 1 away and am using the other one for my computer that i dont play games on.

The tv however has some sort of feature that i cant seem to find anywhere, it pops up in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and is like a virtual nob, you can turn it up or down and it fills up a ring, empty being either LED or More conventional for the looks, or vice versa. My mother has a buggy tv and she cant figure out how to adjust it but it always pops up and she has to fiddle with the buttons to make it go away for a bit.

Im wondering why it seems that these tvs just cant keep up when compared to playing games or watching sports on lcd, dlp, or even crt tvs. I would also like to know if anyone knows how i can get to the mentioned setting to get my tv to look better. Also can anyone give me any suggestions on what to do to make my tv look as best as it can for gaming, and by looks i mean performance over quality? Am i gonna be stuck with a compromise or is there a solution to this problem?

- Thanks for your time
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  1. first of all lets get your facts straight. led tvs and lcd tvs are the same thing. both use lcd screens. the difference is that the standard models use ccfl backlighting and the led screens use leds (typically edgelit).

    the fact that the screen is led backlit is not going to cause the problems you listed so stop trying to blame it on leds. the problem is most likely due to other factors in the design.

    would the tv or monitors happen to be 120 or 240hz? there are known issues when hooking up a pc to such tvs. game mode is normally 60hz but it doesnt always work on all models of tv.

    in general the special display modes that are meant for movies are bad for gaming. i would disable any of them myself.

    i want to say your problem sounds like shearing but i dont know much about it as i have never had it happen to me.
  2. Im not trying to blame it on the fact that theyre led tvs, all im saying is that the problem i have encountered is on these led samsung tvs. My parents have it on their different sized versions of my model. I listed 2 models that my tv could be so i thought that would help people understand why i might have this problem.

    Im not trying to run my computer on this tv. I have monitors that look identical that i bought later on. I figured it was just the tv that was the problem, but then i noticed the exact same problem occurred on the led monitors, which dont have any special features unlike the tv.

    Mainly im asking if anyone knows how to access the feature mentioned in the OP that ive seen. Ive gone through quite a few lcd monitors and am currently running with 3 acer monitors at 120hz. As for the monitors they were limited at 60hz 1080p and i would still encounter this problem. So you cant blame me for thinking its the led tvs that i dont like. I just dont like these TVs and monitors made by samsung in specific which detours me from wasting money on another led tv when i might run into the exact same problem.
  3. no i dont know how to access any fancy circle thing on samsung tvs or monitors. just go through the controller or setting menus and you should find it. or actually read the manual...

    you mention that the screens were "limited to 60hz 1080p" does this mean you bought 120hz monitors? if so then duallink dvi is the only way to connect them. if you are using just a standard dvi output (60hz supported) then you are bound to have an issue. also 60hz mode doesnt always work right on some tvs and probably some monitors. i've heard varying reports over some that do and some that dont. however since you state that you are now using 120hz monitors i'm not sure if this is the case or not.

    it sounds like some issue with samsung made products but i know others use samsung tvs and monitors for gaming and they dont have this issue which makes me think it is something else. perhaps response times, special display modes or some other sort of issue/incompatability.

    no i dont blame you for thinking its led but i'm just stating that you are wrong in the assumption and that if you must blame something i'd rather have you blame samsung products (even though it still might not be the case). an example would be like me blaming cars for being unsafe just because toyotas had a brake pedal problem. you cant blame someone for thinking that but its not right either. just something for you to think about.
  4. Yeah, i guess i just took it a lil personally since i have been blaming it on LED tvs, but i havent been keeping tabs on LED tvs other than the samsung monitors and tvs my family has. I knew that it was LED backlit vs lcd backlit or at least thats what i read, but i just pointed the blame finger at LEDs lol.

    Anyways seems like were both almost on the same page with the monitor problem.
    My current 3 monitors are acer's that say 235 hz on em, but all i can see is 120hz under the advanced settings.
    When i had my issue with the monitors i was using a monitor that could use 60hz or 120hz as my center monitor, and then the LED samsung monitors on either side. The LED samsung monitors are limited to 60hz no matter what computer i use them on even if its just one of those monitors on one computer. Ive been using regular dvi not the dual link stuff on everything except for my new acer monitors since they require them for 3d gaming.

    No matter what desktop im using, or what cords im using i always see the display get chopped into 3rds that split the image and lag. Now from what i can tell theres nothing i can do to fix that.

    As for the tv i have which looks identical to the monitors, the tv has a million features. Ive messed with what i can find under all the settings and every button on the default controller and could never find the feature i mentioned which ive tried at least 4 separate times to find.
    I scanned through the manual i downloaded a few times but still couldnt find the little feature.

    I was just hoping someone on here might know of what im talking about or has a similar model tv and could tell me how to find it. I was hoping someone could just give me a quick answer as to why im experiencing this chopped lag effect on my samsung LED tv as well as my monitors.

    Guess its back to the manual lol. Thanks tho good to know that i dont have to fear LED tvs lol. Im just gonna see if i can find a place that has the TV im interested in and watch some sports to see if i can catch the lag since my issue is triggered by fast movements across the screen.

    I also read an old thread i made where someone who is very experienced with gaming mentioned mainly all i should look at for what i want atm in a tv is the response time. I heard plasma tvs dont really have the burn in problem they used to and basically have the fastest response times, or are just good because the way they work allows them to react faster and crisper than an lcd for example cuz it doesnt have to work as hard loading all the pixels. /shrug thats just what i can remember reading or being told off the top of my head so i may be completely wrong with a few of those statements.
  5. while true response time is important.... it is not the only factor to consider. quite frankly most monitors and tvs produced now are more than fast enough.

    you can still get burn in problems on lcdtvs and plasmas, its just much harder to do it. generally plasmas have higher contrast but the differences are due to the two different styles of panel. plasmas and lcds use different technology.

    yeah but you do remember plasma televisions used to be notoriously expensive to keep running right? i'm not sure if they still need to be recharged every few years but i personally will not buy one. i had a relative who was a tv tech for 30 years tell me all the stories.

    you should really look into "screen tearing" as if i remember right this is what you are experiencing.

    i've been using a lcdtv as a main gaming screen for over four years now. just your standard 40" 60hz 1080p sony bravia with zero issues.

    read up on reviews of your model screens. perhaps there is a known issue with them. thats the first thing i would have done.

    if you cannot find it in a manual call them up. if you dont want to be bothered, go to a store and act like you are buying a samsung tv... ask to see that feature and they will show you (if they know how).
  6. themadhatta,

    There is a lot of information you can find by searching "samsung tv soap opera effect".

    Here is a link you might try:
  7. Thanks so much guys, very busy atm so i cant say im a look into it all right now, but tomorrow ill figure it all out. Im surprised i didnt think of so many methods of looking this up that i usually go through before posting on a forum. Guess i was just lazy and hoping someone could give me a quick solution/answer.

    Thanks again guys :)
  8. Helps to know the exact model. I know sometimes the menus on Samsungs are not that intuitive or user friendly. I have a Samsung LN40C500 and it seems to be good playing games. I would not use any settings on a computer exceeding the standard 1080p. Helps to match up the settings between the computer and the TV. Maybe 60hrz is better for playing games. There may be more factors involved as they stated.
  9. Yeah 60 hz might be better idk why my 120hz 3d acer monitors and bf3 dont wanna run 120 hz. Having problems with my drivers so i cant use nvidia 3d vision, but i can use the surround mode, but even tho im using 3 identical monitors bf3 only wants me to run at 119.XX hz.

    The reason for bringing up plasma is ive always wanted one cuz they were out of my league in terms of price lol. But i was reading since theyve been around for a while now theres no problems with the burn in unless you are seriously stupid with the tv. I also heard the way the plasma works/renders the image it renders everything at the same time and is better for gaming. I also like panasonic because i also read that they have been in the plasma game longer than most companies out there. I also love their display models and best buy and what not. I also had the money saved up for i believe it was a passive 3d version but wound up spending it on my computer build.
    I heard that passive 3d has a lot of ghosting, and that active 3d has none, but i noticed my nvidia 3d vision has a ton of ghosting so i call bull.

    Still havent looked up all the stuff on my current tv thos, been busy. Had to jump through hoops to get in touch with evga for a replacement for my bad gtx 590, and acer sent me back a "repaired" monitor i sent them and its still not fixed lol. Reminds me of a little company called dell. But at least i didnt have to spend 3 days on the phone getting transferred between people to finally be able to send in my product XD
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