Unable to connect virgin media freedom netbook to internet wirelessly

A member of my family has just received their freedom netbook, and asked me to set it up for them. The problem I have is that i am unable to connect to the internet via their wireless connection. I know the wireless is ok, as i connected their other laptop to it a couple of weeks ago.
Do i have to do anything to the netbook, or should it be automatic.
I have started the windows wireless zero configuration utility, and it still doesn't work.
They have a desktop pc with windows 7(connected to router by ethernet), laptop with vista(wireless), and the netbook with windows xp home.
Has anyone had the same problem, and if so, what do you suggest?
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  1. I also have the same problem, my daughter has the same netbook with her virgin media wireless dongle she has, yet when she is at our house i've added her MAC address to our wireless router ( which works fine for our 2nd PC, both laptops, my mobile phone, our nintendo wii and my PS3 ) but i can't get her netbook to see our router or even see anything wirelessly, says there are no wireless networks in range and the wireless network connection is not connected.

    People just say "oh move the switch on the front of the netbook to turn on the wireless" , yeah right, this netbook doesn't have such a switch and i can't seem to find any software way of doing it either, any advise on how to do this?
  2. Turn the WiFi on... but with combination of the [fn] key and I think number [2] or [F2].... but default the WiFi on the "Virgin Freedom" is turned off. Yet to find out how to set it so it stays on after shutdown/power off.

    Had the same problem this morning on a borrowed machine.
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