Connecting TP67B+ mobo to Surround Sound

I have a TP67B+ motherboard which contains an optical S/PDIF output and a normal line in/line out/mic in set up.

I want to set up 5.1 surround sound on here. How do I go about doing that? I know I have six channels. What cables do I need etc.?

Also, is there a recommendation someone could make me for a system? $100.00 and under unfortunately is the limit. Thanks.
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  1. You need 3.5MM stereo male to RCA male "Y" adapters
    I will make them for $100
  2. the first warning you should hear:
    optical output will only play surround sound in one of two events..
    1. the audio is already encoded into dolby or dts format
    2. the audio is encoded using dolby digital live or dts connect encoder

    a whole lot of soundcards dont allow you to use the dolby digital live or dts connect encoder.
    they either dont support it, or the manufacturer has disabled the option to use it.
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