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I recently installed WIndows 7 on my HP pavilion and have been having some freezing issues. It does not occur only on largely java sites or during any certain activity. Freezez for about 5-10 secs, comes back and repeats a few times. This has been happening maybe once an hour.
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  1. Boot into the Safe mode (F8) mode.
    Do you get the same symptom?
  2. es same issue, but it does not happen that often.
  3. I suspect, since it happens in the Safe mode, that you have a hardware problem.
    Since it is intermittent, my best guess is RAM.

    How many RAM strips do you have?
    If you have more than one, recommend removing all but one strip.
    Remove and replace each strip until each strip is tested.
    Each time boot into the Safe mode so only Microsoft default drivers are loaded.
  4. I have had constant freezing problems with two computers running Win 7 64. One is a new HP AMD 4x with 6 Gig Ram, and the other is a new load of Win 7 64 on a Gigabyte MB with an AMD 2x 7750 with 8 Gig of Ram latest Bios Flash. On the Gigabyte system I removed 4 Gig of Ram and the problem disappeared. Now my thought is that the processor is now in control of the Ram. Is it not doing its job? I don't know who dropped the ball where win 7 64 is concerned, but there allot of people having problems. I sure would like to see some people try this fix and post the results. Thanks Joe
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