Anyone every hook up home speakers to a pin?

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Was wondering if anyone has ever done this. I have 2 cerwin vegas & 2
scotts speakers I was thinking about hooking up. No I'm not going to
hook up all 4.. Can a pin power home speakers?

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    Hell no. A pin can power one or two little cheesy 4-8 ohm car-type or
    component speakers. But you can run the signal to a line output
    converter and then from that hook it up to your stereo, just using
    rca's into an aux input and listen to it that way. The question is
    though, why? Do you have some neighbors you really hate and want to
    torture, or do you have a game that has such cool sounds/voices/music
    that you'd want to hear it that loud?
    I'm not really sure either if the output needs to be modified much. The
    average input sensitivity of a home stereo receiver aux input is 150mV
    at 24 kOhms of resistance. But I have never tried to do this, so I've
    never checked the output level at speaker level on a pin. But look at
    it this way - If your stereo needs all of that amplification circuitry
    to drive those speakers, what makes you think the pin could drive them
    without said circuitry? That's why you would have to have an LOC or
    preamp, IMNSHO.
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    > But you can run the signal to a line output converter and then from that hook it up to your stereo

    Or take the line out signal right off the audio board before the amp
    section. No need to amplify, then convert back down again.

    Barry - NY
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    It can be done but..... WHY?
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    I think it would be FANTASTIC to pipe your pin sounds into a 4 speaker
    system with good power. I think the older games that don't have frontal
    backbox speakers would benefit greatly, especially if on carpeted floors.

    "chuckster" <> wrote in message
    > It can be done but..... WHY?
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    I sort of do this with every pin.

    I "tap" into the sound board speaker out header pins. I create my own
    molex connector which I have connected to a line out converter. I run
    the backbox frequency rca out to an amplifier, which then powers new
    coaxial speakers that I install in the backbox. I run the cabinet
    speaker rca to a powered subwoofer which sits under my pin. This really
    makes my pins sound awesome. My arcade is in my basement so the
    neighbors can't hear it.

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    Yeah I'd like to do that with my BSD and give it a try :)

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    Here's what I did to hook up my pinball machines to my receiver and

    Each of my pinball machines has a PinballPro headphone adapter, which
    taps into the speaker board. You can get them here:

    The cable from headphone adapter runs along the bottom edge of the
    pinball machine to the bottom front. I made a LONG cable that converts
    the mini headphone connector into RCA inputs for the receiver. This
    cable is long enough to be plugged into any of my pinball machine's
    headphone jack, so I can move the audio source to any pin I want. This
    audio system gives me "surround sound" at any volume level I desire,
    PLUS I can use headphones if I want on any machine for times when
    (relative) quiet is needed. When I have pinball parties/tournaments,
    the final game gets played on the big speakers for the whole room to

    I'm no audiophile, but the sound quality is good enough for me. It
    made my TZ (when I had one) sound a lot better.

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