Overheating problem---possibly power supply?

I'm running an 2000+ in a case with two back case fans and even the sides of the case removed and it runs at around 65C when idle and when stressed it goes over 75 and shuts down. Fan is running smoothly and has been swapped with another fan that still results in overheating. I was left thinking it could be the power supply, which I don't know anything about.

The readings for my 350w generic supply are:
vcore 1.72v
3.3v - 3.24v
5v - 4.89v
12v - 12.2 to 13v
-12v - 12.11v
-5v - 5.09v

Are these ranges acceptable?? Seems like a lot of variance to me but I'm no expert. Thanks for the help.
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  1. the cpu or ambiant temperature that high?
  2. from what I have heard +12V going over 12.75 is mainly generating heat and not delivering much power.
    Still those temperatures seem out of wack.

    What is the room temperature and what is the Mobo Temperature.

    Have you checked if the heat sink is properly placed?
    Is the fan running at proper speeds? Are the blades and the sink clean and not clogged? Are all the fans moving air in the right direction?

    Are cables etc. out of the way or impeding airflow?
    You sure ur fans are blowing properly?

    Have you tried borrowing a heatsink from a friend?

    Are the power supply fans moving hot air?

    Have u got this system overclocked?

    Good Luck!

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  3. The ambient temp is only around low to mid 30 celcius. The cpu is seemingly the only thing running very hot.

    The room temp is around 70 farenheit constantly. I don't have any overclocking done and all the fans are clean and working. The power supply is kicking out a lot of hot air. The heatsink is mounted firmly and I've tried a different heatsink fan combo with no improvement. Hope that helps some. Thanks for the help so far and any future help.

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  4. It's time you buy a better Psu. Get rid of the generic one.
  5. why? Those voltages are not great but they certainly are not something to be worried about...

    You seemt to be having a thermal shutdown...the mobo senses a hot cpu and kills it to save the cpu...

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  6. With all that air flow. With side panels removed. Looks like he can fry lots of eggs.
  7. Ok, now what could be causing the CPU to generate all that heat? He's already eliminated the most obvious culprit by changing the HSF and unless he did a bad job twice that probably isn't the problem.

    Several possibilities come to mind and in no particular order. Further, some people will doubless say number x is not likely or possible. So what's left?

    1) PSU
    2) Mobo
    3) Processor
    4) Some other faulty component affecting how the processor runs.

    Anybody have ideas?

    Have you got a friend with a compatible rig, where u might drop the processor, CPU, into for a test?

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  8. Tried flashing the CMOS yet? The heatsink could also not making good contact with the cpu die. Got some artic silver paster in there?

    F-DISK-Format-Reinstal DO DA!! DO DA!!
  9. I'm waiting on a fedex package that was delayed due to the blackout (I'm just north of Detroit.) This has got a new cpu, mobo, fans, etc and some AS Ceramique. The processor in question is just gonna be a backup computer for me but I'll try to see if the thermal compound solves the problem if not I'm gonna try the processor in my new machine and see if the problem is solved in there. Once again thanks a lot for all the help and suggestions guys.
  10. psu has nothing to do with heat generated by the cpu...thats why the cpu has voltage regulators...to make sure that no matter what the ps is giving out (within limits) the cpu will always get a nice steady source of power...

    Mobo...possibly i doubt it...the only way to tell would be to get a voltmeter and put it up to the cpu's voltage regulator...

    Processor...could be i am surprised no body has asked if it is a palamino core cpu...is it?

    I cannot think of any components that effect how the cpu runs...as long as you have good airflow there should be no problem...

    However i just reilised something...you said the 12v rail is 12.2 to 13...that IS a lot...i missed that in my previous post...try to switch psu's that is quite a bit of flucuation...i thought you wrote 12.2...i missed the other half...

    So i think you have 2 problems...powersupply and heat...

    looks like you are doing everything to combat heat...
    I think now you may need a psu...

    Proud owner of DOS 3.3 :smile:
  11. Cheapo Psu will do it all the time.
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