Lenovo X201 - best ultra-portible available today?

I'm looking for an ultra-portable laptop (<13"/<3lbs) with Workstation specs:
Core2Duo/Quad or i5/i7 proc; 2GB+@1067;
not too worried about GPU, integrated is fine for what I do (although a CUDA-ready card like the Nvidia that AlienWare is putting in the M11x would be nice)

Right now two of the top contenders are the M11x and the Thinkpad X201. The i7 processor looks like it should be substantially better than the Core2Duo in the Alienware.

Is there anything else out there that I'm missing that I should add to my list, or are these two the best offerings for what I'm calling Ultra-portable?
I know that the ASUS UL30JT is coming out soon - it could be an option, but its bulkier than the Lenovo and looks like it sacrifices CPU specs for the discrete GPU...
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  1. the difference between a core2duo and an i7 is like the difference between a CRT Screen and a OLED IPS 1080p

    i dont know about you, but id much rather have the onboard memory controller in the i7

    alienware is never worth what they sell it for. though it is good.

    to be honest though ill take a look and see if i can find something for you...

    is there anything in specific that you will be using it for?
  2. I dont know your price range, i just estimated based on your two previously said laptops, this should be good for you

  3. thanks for the suggestion - the Toshiba looks like a good machine but 16" screen and 6.5lbs is way too heavy. I bike-commute to work every day and even carrying my 4.5lb Thinkpad X60 is starting to feel like a chore.

    Yeah - I was looking over the benchmarks for the i7 and the CD2 and its night and day. Actually, the particular i7 in the Thinkpad is only marginally worse than the C2Q 9550 in my desktop...

    I'm really looking for an ultra-portable with workstation specs. No more than 13"screen and not much more than 3lbs. I've spent a few days looking and cant find anything other than the Lenovo that makes the grade. None of the models over at xoticpc or sager even come close.
  4. requiemsallure said:

    Umm... doesn't look like an option for me. Its running on a 1.6Ghz Atom proc. And it weighs over 4lbs...
  5. what is wrong with the atom? its a 1.6 dual core atom uses 8w of power battery life will be very nice.
  6. If you can afford it, the Sony VAIO Z has some pretty decent specs.

    It seems a bit $$$ though..
  7. nice find, an ssd too! +5 to lotri

    has nvidia optimus technology with geforce 9300m gs
    128gb ssd
    4gb ddr3
    nice core 2 duo
    3.30 lbs
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