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I have an Integra DTR-5.6 Reciever which has component in and out jacks only and now with the changes made I can no longer get 1080 HD with my blue ray disks as they say I now have to use a HDMI jacks. Is there anyway around this as this receiver is only about 5 years old and would be expensive to replace. The Sony blue ray has both HDMI and Componet Jacks but again the reciever only has component jacks... Max res is 480...
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  1. Since your receiver doesn't have HDMI just run that directly to your TV and use the digital audio out to your receiver (which you may already be doing since component video does not have audio in it as does HDMI).
    By law all Blue Ray players made can only put out HD through the HDMI output. Older players were capable of 720p through the component outputs.
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