Can I fit a Barton?

I have ordered a Barton 2500 to replace my 2000Xp(palamino) I have a Soyo K7V Dragon Plus mobo and 512MB Crucial 2700 DDr Ram. I know my Current CPU runs at 266fsb but the new Barton runs at 333. I just assumed since it was socket A and the Board overclocks up to 466 that I could just put the Barton on adjust said FSB and Voltage(if needed) and away I go. Checking on the Soyo website though I have Just discovered that they say my Mobo is not compatable with this CPU. Oops as I have already ordered it, can anyone tell me of any reason why it might not work and why I should not attempt to fit it. Hope someone can be of help as I don't want to have to pay for a mobo upgrade as well, thanks.
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  1. Nope the barton is too fat...

    you need a board that supports a 333mhz bus...the k7v does not :frown:

    Proud owner of DOS 3.3 :smile:
  2. So What would happen if I put it in and just turned up the FSB? Also I notice on THe soyo website that my Mobo won't even take the thoroughbred(266), why I wonder when surely only the Die is smaller, 13microns v18 microns. So to upgrade basically I'm looking at having to shell out for a new Mobo?
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