Aspire one netbook will not power up

I have an Aspire one netbook that I used last night, worked fine, tried to power up this morning and no charge light, no power light, so sign that anything is alive. If the battery is removed, still nothing with the charger plugged in except a brief flash of the battery light and the power light when the charger is first plugged in for about a second, then nothing. Any advice?
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  1. It seems to be acting like it shorted out. Most likely a power surge (it can happen even if the power doesn't go off) did the job. Did you have it plugged into a surge protector? There is a chance that it could be a bad internal PSU. If it is under warranty yet, send it in and see if acer will fix it.
  2. naturally it just went out of warranty about two weeks ago!!!!!
    It does appear to be a hardware problem, because there is no battery light and nothing happens when you push power on.
  3. Physician heal thyself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took the netbook apart, removed the motherboard, looked over the area of the connector and surrounding circuitry and tried to power it up with nothing connected to the motherboard except the display and the power cord, no battery, no hard drive, no wirelessboard, no keyboard, etc. It BOOTED?????? Now I have it all put back together and it works a charm. I have no idea what I did unless there was something pinched and shorted inside and I relieved it when I disassembled everything.
    Ed :kaola:
  4. I have a Acer aspire one ZG5,after a failed or wrong bios update there is no sign power therefor wont boot.The Netbook is only 3 months old and Acer say the warrenty does not cover BIOS update failure and they will charge me atleast £84.00 to repair.

    Does anyone know how I can recover my netbook.

    Please HELP
  5. same problem here except acer aspire one.
  6. I bough a BIOS CHIP,but when trying to un solder the faulty bios chip from the mother board the circuit conections came away from the board,to hot of a solder Iron I am told.It looked to me like the board is made of cheap s**t.
    So now my mother board is broken.
    I still have the bios chip never used and with the BIOS that is needed to get your netbook working,I can sell to you for £12 delivered.thats what it cost me.
    You should get a computer tech to fit the new bios its small and tricky.

    Let me know.
    Good luck.
    ACER are a joke, warranty does not cover failed BIOS my netbook was only 3 months old. :fou:
  7. HI
    I have a acer one 521 and it won't turn on after using it one day.
    The power light comes on in red but if i push the on button it goes out and then comes back on again and does nowt else.?
    Any ideas are very welcome.
    Cheers Leon.
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