Dx4860 Sleep Mode - can not wake up with mouse/keyboard


Bought a GW DX4860, it comes preinstalled with Win 7 and I have it hooked up to a Dell (S2240M) monitor. I noticed that once the PC goes into hibernate (Power led is blinking) that I can not wake it with keyboard (USB) or Mouse (USB). The only way is to hold down the power button for a while...

Then the screen pops up saying that I did not shut window down propoerly - probably because I hard booted the PC

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  1. What happens if you just hit the power button without the long holding. I mean like hold it for just 1 second and not 4-5?

    I know I personally setup my system to NOT let the mouse/keyboard/remote wake it up.

    Check the device manager and see if it is set to allow those devices to wake up the computer.
  2. Nuke -

    If I just pushed down the button briefly, nothing happens.... at least the screen did not come on.

    How I check the device manager to see if it will allow my keyboard or mouse to wake it up?
  3. if you type device manager in the start search, you can get to it.

    then just hit the properties on the device in question and check its power management tab.

    You may have a different problem as normally the power button should get it going.
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