800 FSB Chip on 533 Mobo

I have a Soyo P4S Dragon Ultra (Thanks, Tom, for the recommendation last year) with a 1.6 gHz P4. I need a performance boost to render videos. I can upgrade to a 2.8 chip without changes.

Question: Can I plug an 800 FSB 2.8 Ghz chip into the existing board and get the same performance as if I used the 533 FSB version? I am not talking about overclocking the board here. Just not frying anything! The 800 is only ~10 bucks more and has Hyperthreading. Plus, when the stock market bubbles up again, I could replace the mobo and memory and do the job right.

And yes, perhaps overclocking just a little? :-)

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  1. If you have only a 533 mobo (133x4) than the chip will do the same. It will operate by defualt at 533, but you could oc the system bus up to 200 to get 800fsb (200x4) but first you need some good pc 3200 ram to accomodate the 200 speeds. Im just not certain how stable the mobo will be. At that clock cycle. Otherwise the CPU will run at 133x14=1.8ghz cpu. Could just leave it at the default fsb and just ramp up the multiplier but you would have to ramp it up to 21 to get the 2.8ghz speed. Hopes this makes sense.

    F-DISK-Format-Reinstal DO DA!! DO DA!!
  2. what multiplyer?

    Intels have a multi lock!

    I would not recomend it...there is a high chance of falure...

    Proud owner of DOS 3.3 :smile:
  3. I have not checked price on P4's in awhile. P4 2.4C $172 IS7 $108 You going to buy 2.8C spend the extra moneu on mobo. Do not use your old Mobo.
  4. Intel's next price drop 26 Oct.
  5. Thanks, all, for the replies. After reading them I did decide to upgrade the MB, but the computer show I went to Sunday had nothing exciting. Neither did anyone have 2.8 MHz chips (the best price point for a significant improvement to my system right now). So I played with the existing Soyo P4S and 1.6 chip and got it to run reliably at a clock of 133 Mhz, reporting 2.13 MHz in the Bios at bootup. Noticeable improvement and it beats the 2.8 chip running at 133 * 14, as addiarmadar points out.

    So maybe I will take Hardware Boss' advice and hold off until October. Might be able to get a 3 GHz chip for the same price! :smile:

    This is definitely the place to be if you're thinking of tinkering with your machine!

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