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Hey everyone. I have a problem with booting into anything right now.

I stepped away from the computer for a few minutes to do something and came back moved the mouse so shake the blank screen tired clicking my name in the start screen but my system froze... so I rebooted my pc and came up with that message. So I googled around trying different things unplugging hard drives ect.. no matter what I get that message... so I tried booting into safe mode using F8 but still got the same message... I have ubuntu on a usb and tried booting into that... still get the "reboot and select proper boot device"

I don't know if its a hardware issue or not right now... any help is appreciated.
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    Hi :)

    Sounds like your hard drive has failed...test it...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. indeed I switched out parts and it is... however now my problem is a locked partition on my second drive that I now can't access
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