Big favour to ask folks reg 1.4 Athlon Thunderbird

Athlon 1.4Ghz Thunderbird
Akasa Silver Mountain 2 H/S & Fan
MB MSI KT4 Ultra
MSI G4ti4200 128MB
Could you please tell me your CPU temp as indicated by the Bios after your computer has been on for an hour. Ambiant temp should be between 22-26C.

My temp is 58C @ idle, 67C under load, (I'm worried!!)No crashes though.
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  1. My TB 1.4 ran much hotter than any of the XPs I've owned. If I remember correctly, it ran at 57c at idle at 63c under load on my Gigabyte board. It was about 4 degrees cooler on my Shuttle.
  2. Thats pretty normal for those thunderbirds. Could get an all copper heatsink but really those tbirds are desinged to burn pretty damn hot.

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  3. it's not call a block heater for no reason ;) i love my block heater and i'm going to miss it~~

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