Tv dropped, on light comes on but no picture or sound

Hello, I have an APEX PF 2020 model tv and when I turn it on I cannot get any picture or sound. The red LED light comes on but no picture or sound. I recently dropped the tv screen side on to the floor. What is the problem?
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  1. Ah.. the problem.. is that you dropped it and broke it.

    Could be a ton of things, broken parts inside, loose connection, etc...

    It's a CRT so not too save to open it yourself, you can get a TV repair guy to take a look at it. That TV looks to be from 2004 or so, I'd say not worth it to buy parts of paying someone to fix it, would cost much more than just getting a new one. It's probably worth about $20 now.

    Nice TV though, I got a similar model for my kids room a while back, had a great picture and sound.
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